Tim: Via time-space warps and Alaska. . . Naomi’s report

We [Uncle Tim and I] got home. But it took FOREVER (well, not quite).  I had somehow reset the trip meter at some odd location. . .  I “thought” I reset it when leaving your house to head back up here.  The bottom line was that the trip meter kept on saying we had gone way too far on Interstate 5 and yet we still hadn’t come to our exit.  So, when the mileage I was looking for came and went, I started to worry a bit, and when we had gone a hundred miles farther than we should have, we decided that either we were in a science fiction story and in some kind of a time-space warp, or that we had missed our exit and were going to go to Alaska instead and have an adventure there!

Time-wise, it was taking longer as well, even though the traffic wasn’t too bad. (I think that was because we made several stops. . . Usually I only stop once on this trip.)

And then, finally when we were back into familiar territory and I knew where we were and how to get home on automatic pilot, I relaxed a bit and stopped staring at every road sign and mileage marker.  I just drove. Somehow the car and I missed the exit that I’ve taken a million times!  Argh.  In retrospect, we maybe should not have been talking quite so much about Scrabble words, because I think that’s what distracted me!

But anyway, we made it.



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  1. as16@juno.com says:

    how cute!!!

    Please note: message attached

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