Six babies saved from abortion yesterday!

From Chuck Stiefken (Facebook):

An UNBELIEVABLE DAY at the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in San Bernardino today (Oct. 19)!
SIX BABIES SAVED! by the Holy Spirit………..and it was one of the slowest days at FPA that I can remember.
Ava and Reynoldo were especially poignant. She has 4 other children and this is their first together (they are married). She had wanted to abort but he didn’t want to see his first child killed. He is due to be sentenced to 3 years in prison in two weeks and she didn’t know how she could cope. When they drove in they didn’t even stop to take the literature, but she saw people praying, saw our new banner offering hope, and thought she felt the baby move this morning………..she couldn’t go through with the abortion. We shared how we could come beside her while Reynaldo was in prison and that she would never be alone. I counseled Reynaldo to stay away from his “homies” in jail and to find “brothers in Christ” and if he did he’d come out of jail a better man. It was such a joy to be a part of laughter, tears, joy, and prayer with this beautiful couple……….Thank you Lord for allowing Roseanne and I to be a part of this wonderful miracle!
The whole day was a blur of one save after the other!
I’m still numb……..


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  1. says:

    Beautiful!!!! Good job!!!!

    Please note: message attached

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