The Robe – my turn

I gu100_6453ess Tim didn’t feel too emasculated by my scolding. He was wearing “the robe” again today so I don’t feel so bad.

(Our brother Ted suggests, “maybe you could lure him into a more macho robe for the family Christmas.” Lure? Lure Tim into doing anything he isn’t interested in doing? How about this: we’ll ship him, you wrap him.)



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5 Responses to The Robe – my turn

  1. tedrey says:

    At the first picture my instant reaction was “ohmigawd, the socks!!!”
    At all the others, my only reaction was “ohmigawd!!!”

  2. kateekat says:

    Fun pics, Jessica. Hope things smooth out soon.

  3. High says:

    These are great! Glamour shots for Jerry’s birthday? My fav is the face plant.



  4. Third photo from the top, you look remarkably like your mother (that’s a compliment, by the way).

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