Ten things our family didn’t know about Margot…or organic goats

My niece Margot Backus [Tim’s daughter] wrote on Facebook:

“I was given the number 10, so here are 10 things that you may not know about me:

1. I hitch-hiked to Montana and back with my partner Mark Jones when I was nineteen
2. and I lived in a tent in the Seal Mountain range in a tree planting camp.
3. When I was twenty four I worked on an organic goat farm in Newburyport Massachusetts.
4. I originally majored in zoology at Southern Illinois University and I wanted to be a herpetologist, or maybe an ichthyologist.
5. But my favorite class was animal behavior.
6. When I was a kid my dearest wish was to be a Boy Scout.
7. Also, a hippy.
8. I have been a Marxist since I was five years old and asked a nanny (who happened to be from England) why some children have a lot of stuff and live in big houses and some have little; she said “there is a man named Karl Marx who thinks all children should have the same amount, but don’t tell your parents I told you.”
9. I first trained folks to do civil disobedience (as part of east coast anti-nuclear movement in the 1980’s) before the first time I ever did civil disobedience myself.
10. Until I was 27 my name was Margot Arnet FitzGerald. I changed my name to Margot Gayle Backus because I found out that when I was born my birth mother named me Gayle Backus, and because I dreamed I told my mother that was my name.

If you like my status, I will give a number…”

This started a Reynolds “Round Robin” of responses.

1. My brother Ted, Margot’s uncle, wrote: Wow!  Maybe civil disobedience skips a generation! I’ll have to process all this, but for now I can only think bemusedly “Are there any nonorganic goats?”

2. Ted’s daughter Naomi (Margot’s cousin, my niece, and a doctor) wrote: Ted, Legally speaking, a non-organic goat is a goat that is fed non-organic feed (that is food that has been grown with the use of artificial pesticides and/or fertilizers). Science-fiction-authorly speaking, you of all people should know that a non-organic goat is a robot goat.   I would not be surprised if the Japanese haven’t already built one ;-). But I agree, that biologically speaking, all goats are organic. Love, Naomi

3. Lisa, another of Ted’s daughters, (Naomi’s sister, Margot’s cousin, my niece and a veterinarian) wrote: I believe also that ur goats can’t have drugs such as deworming medication or antibiotics or other such stuff – the organic ones that is, lol. DOL Lisa

4. Ted: I sure am glad non-organic goats aren’t goats without organs . . . that would be icky.

5.  Tony (Margot’s, Lisa’s, Naomi’s  cousin,  Tim’s son and my nephew] wrote: If the Japanese haven’t built one already, put it on Laria’s to do list. [Laria is Ted’s daughter whose 8th grade class was just awarded first place for their space station design.]

6. Naomi replied: No need for Laria to do it.   See below:



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4 Responses to Ten things our family didn’t know about Margot…or organic goats

  1. tedrey says:


    On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 8:44 PM, hiddeninjesus

  2. tedrey says:


    You might want to sneak in a correction. “Laria’s *8th* grad class,” not *3rd.*

    On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 8:44 PM, hiddeninjesus

  3. Done. Thanks.

    On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 6:07 PM, hiddeninjesus

  4. So, Margot’s a Communist? Apparently, she didn’t get the memo…

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