POEM: A Skeptic at Communion

Since my brother Ted asked me about this in his comment to my previous post. . .


I saw a fly within a bead
Of amber cleanly buried;
The urn was little, but the room
More rich than Cleopatra’s tomb.
–Robert Herrick

after Robert Herrick’s “The Amber Bead”

I saw a fly within a dose
Of grape juice, clearly comatose;
The host was Welch’s, but the sense
The mystery of immanence.

I saw him floating in the cup
As soon as I had picked it up–
And smiled: thus God prevented me
From drinking Him unworthily.
–Jessica Shaver Renshaw

Re-posted from my blog BONUS FEATURES. Note: I wasn’t a Christian yet and had been wrestling within myself as to whether to take communion or not. God decided it for me!


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