TIM: Our joint speaking venture this Friday – cancelled

Tim and I were scheduled to give back-to-back talks at the Dana Library here in Long Beach this Friday. https://hiddeninjesus.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/tim-and-i-will-be-the-featured-authors-on-december-13/

Odd circumstances–my inability to get our printer to print in letters big enough to read–kept me from being able to fill out and turn in the necessary application form on time. Our talk had to be cancelled.

What a  relief! As it turned out, it would have been a joint talk indeed.

It had been Tim’s idea to sign up as one of Dana Library’s monthly speakers. He suggested we share the time. So I confirmed it with the librarian. That was in June.

A few days later Tim said, “I can’t do that thing. I’ve never done anything public like that without a toke.”

It was my understanding he had given up pot last year.

You do it,” he told me.

I said, “Can’t you just read some of your poems?”


“Would you like me to read them? You can still bring the two books you have to sell.”

“They’re out of print.”

“But you have plenty of copies.”

“I don’t sell them. I give them away.”

“Can you give them away then?”

“I only give them to–you know, special people.”

“Should we cancel?”

“No, you can do the whole thing.” Then, after a moment’s thought, “No, I can find a toke somewhere. I can do it.”

Reassured, he rummaged around for his copy of B’loop, a collection of miscellaneous haiku and sayings, his own and others’. That was what he was going to read–not his classical poetry, not his modern poems? Some of the language in B’loop is offensive and I worried that children might be in the audience.

I thought of offering the librarian three options: cancelling us both, having me alone or having the two of us, with one of us stoned.

Last week I found the dilemma had resolved itself. I hadn’t returned the form in time.

Hallelujah! Now let’s just hope Tim has forgotten all about it.


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One Response to TIM: Our joint speaking venture this Friday – cancelled

  1. Not to mention your talk would have been on Friday the 13th!

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