“Dear Santa” (1953)

From the Long Beach Independent, 1953, letters to Santa from the (then) three little boys in the Renshaw family. My husband-t0-be Jerry was 6, his brothers Gary and Mark were 7 and 3, the fourth brother was yet to be born.

See how selfless Jerry has always been? The modest request “Please bring me a horn and a drum and will you bring me a little jeep and a little toy house” and then “I want you to bring every little children [sic] some toys. I will take anything that you give me because you might not have what I ask for.”

Three little boys in one family asking for drums? Oh, boy! And what is that ” aw” (letter missing) that Mark wanted? “Saw”? I’ll bet he got the pencil and “pencil sharpner” instead. (Mark certainly made it clear he was headed for a desk job. He’s a man of consistency: sixty years later he says he’s not going to retire. He’s going “face down on my desk.”)

For legibility, left-click twice on entries outlined in yellow.



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