TIM: When he needs us (2)

Then I went back to our car and it was Jerry’s turn. He carried up the bookcase.

“Next time you come,” Tim told him, “look for a building with a green cross on it and get me some pot or hashish. Shall I give you $10? All of my other friends are evangelical Christians or in AA so I can’t ask them.”

In his diplomatic way, Jerry said, “No, wait till I see if I can find it.”

“Tell them your brother-in-law needs it to study Hebrew.”

The next day Tim directed a Jewish friend to the building with the green cross but the whole building had been torn down. Then he had her take him to a Catholic church to replace his picture of St. Anthony, the saint in charge of finding lost things. Tim says he’s tested St. Anthony by praying to him and has found he has a high success record. She drove him there (it was closed) but she pointed out to him the irony of losing St. Anthony.


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One Response to TIM: When he needs us (2)

  1. as16@juno.com says:

    So St. Anthony got lost–how funny/Allean

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