TIM: I feel vindicated

C., the lady who picks Tim up for Hebrew class every Wednesday, one of his best friends, called me after she dropped him off today. She is an extremely cheerful, kind, balanced woman, not the sort to fly off the handle, go insane, or be vindictive (the things I’m accused of doing with Tim).

“In case Tim mentions it to you, we had an argument today.” (We both knew Tim wasn’t likely to mention anything to us.) “After class I had to stop at the 99-cent Store. Tim said his leg hurt so I found a chair for him and did my shopping as quickly as I could. After awhile he came after me and said, ‘You went off and abandoned me for 45 minutes!’

“It was just like my late husband when he was getting dementia and I would take him to the store with me. I said, ‘I didn’t abandon you. Anyway, it was only 15 minutes and I’m almost through.’

“But Tim wouldn’t leave it alone. He was angry and yelling. I thought, I don’t have to take this all over again. Let’s see, I could commit suicide or I could murder him or I could walk out and leave him and he’d never see me again.”

(Hearing this, I had to laugh. I know the feeling.)

“Instead,” she said, “I decided, Okay, I’ll just wait and I did. On the way home Tim told me, ‘We just had our first spat.'”

Note: While Tim was gone, Jerry and I gave the condo a quick once-over. He hadn’t touched the medications in his pill compartments all week, including his memory pills. There were clothes draped everywhere, including the floor. There was sandwich meat which requires refrigeration stored in a cupboard. There were the congealed remains of dinner on a plate at the table. (I forbid any roaches to know I just wrote this.)

But Tim has been approved by In Home Social Services for all kinds of help around the home and praise God, the other C., the newlywed in the same apartment complex, wants to become his IHSS provider! She will do his laundry and mop his floor and check expiration dates and make sure he takes his pills.

IHSS will pay her and I will kiss her feet.


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2 Responses to TIM: I feel vindicated

  1. tedrey says:


    On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 7:57 PM, hiddeninjesus

  2. as16@juno.com says:

    Wonderful!!! And maybe her will listen to her better. Jesus was right when he said that he could not do many mighty works in his own town because of unbelief. Our own families sometimes treat us the worst. At least mine does.

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