Just what my face needed!

Haircut 1-15-14I always hate a new haircut. (Mine, not yours.)

Today I actually liked it pretty well. I asked Jerry to take a picture I can show my hair dresser next time I get shaggy.

The angle he used happened to have a mirror in the background. He handed my phone back to me with “There. I got front and back.”

I said, “Good. Now if we could just do something about the face.”

To which Jerry replied, “Bring it over here and I’ll kiss it.”

Guys, you can learn from this man! Seriously.


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2 Responses to Just what my face needed!

  1. as16@juno.com says:

    Jerry is neat!! How wonderful that you have him. I think I told you about my honey Perry. He is like that and so very kind to me. Allean

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