C.S. Lewis Honored in Poets’ Corner: Being there

Dear Supporters of the Lewis memorial in Poets’ Corner,

It’s exactly two months since the unveiling of the C.S. Lewis memorial in Westminster Abbey, a timely date on which to send out this close-of-project message.

All the bills have now been paid and I’m delighted to say that a grand total of £7,000 remains which I shall be sending to the University of Cambridge as a donation towards the new “C.S. Lewis Studentship in Medieval and Renaissance Literature”.  You can read more about the Studentship here: http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/cs-lewis-50-years-after-his-death-a-new-scholarship-will-honour-his-literary-career

Let me thank you once again for your generous contributions or at least for your interest in this project.  What we achieved between us will hopefully remain as long as the Abbey stands – perhaps longer! 

If you weren’t able to be present in person at the events last November, do take a look at the various accounts and pictures available online.  Project supporter Sarah Clarkson has helpfully assembled a round-up of all the best ones here: http://www.thoroughlyalive.com/2013/12/c-s-lewis-at-westminster-abbey-a-roundup-of-links/

With thanks again and best wishes for 2014,

Yours sincerely,

Michael Ward

Dr Michael Ward
Senior Research Fellow
Blackfriars Hall
Professor of Apologetics
Houston Baptist University


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