This is the 10th anniversary of our first date.

I actually called it an “appointment” at the time because I was scared to call it a date. Jerry and I arranged to meet at Polly’s Restaurant at noon and I was so nervous I wasn’t hungry. Finally I thought I might be able to swallow a cup of back burner soup. When Jerry told the waitress, “Two cups of back burner soup, please,” I was touched. When he listened to me with his eyes as well as his ears all the way to the end of each sentence, I was smitten. And when the soup was served and he held out both hands, palms up, so he could say grace over it, and I put my hands in his, I was giving myself as permanently as if he’d already proposed and we were making vows at the altar.

Thankfully he did propose 11 days later.

We drove to Polly’s today for our traditional cup of back burner soup and as soon as our waiter heard us say, “It’s the anniversary of our–” he said, “Happy anniversary! It’s on the house!”



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2 Responses to Polly-versary

  1. tedrey says:

    Here’s to many more. And bless you both.

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