Storyline (2) – Letter from a has-been

Tricia [I wrote her],

I’ve been following your blog since your defining moment 3 years ago. . . You’ve written of Don Miller and the Storyline Conference. I checked out that website and want to come hear you speak. So my main question is, When are you speaking or what are you going to be part of or contributing to that I can sit in on?

But my secondary question (which I guess you can’t answer for me) is, Shall I register for the whole conference?

I consider myself a has-been author (some books, hundreds of articles in major metro papers and Christian magazines) and American Christian Writers conference speaker. Because two of my books came out under my maiden name, two under my (first) married name and two after I was widowed and re-married, I have no continuity as an author (and the subjects and genres are all different). It has caused an identity crisis. . .

I’m praying about whether I can/should/really want to write again. It was all I ever wanted to do–everyone in my family, parents, grandparents, brothers–wrote books, articles, a great-grandmother kept a syndicated newspaper column. (We found out my eldest brother had fathered two babies none of us knew about–when they contacted us as adults they had both written books. So, yup, you’re a Reynolds!)

When I was 11 my parents sent my journal of family travels to their agent and it was published as a book when I was 14. (Now posted in full online at )

I eventually won an Amy award and was a runner-up for a Gold Medallion–over 20 years ago.

I’m too old, I’m unmotivated, I’m doing other things, I miss writing SO MUCH–do I sound like a good candidate for the whole Storyline package?

Thanks, Tricia!

Praying God’s very best for you and those you love,

Jessica Renshaw


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