I read about Storyline on TriciaLottWilliford, a blog that is a staple in my daily diet. Sometimes it is the nutritious part and sometimes it is the dessert. Either way.

Storyline is a catalyst to “help people plan and tell their personal stories.” Storyline is a way to put into words your “life theme,” that is, what your life is about or what you’d like to have been known for before you die and use that life theme as a filter through which to organize the projects you take on, because “What good is being productive if you don’t know where you’re going?”

Storyline is Donald Miller. Tricia attended one of their conferences and here’s what she wrote about Storyline and its founder, director and foremost enthusiast:

So at the end of this month Storyline is having a conference in San Diego, featuring authors Anne Lamott, Bob Goff, Jon Acuff, John Richmond, Shauna Niequist, Mike Foster, Allison Versterfelt, Jia Jiang–and Tricia Lott Williford, who (by the way) has her first book coming out between now and then. Our copy is on order from amazon.

You can see why I jumped to the assumption that it is a writers’ conference. It has been a long time since I have attended one of those, much less taught at one–and it sounded like fun. Their conference website says:


Three days of mayhem, strategizing and fun. Rethink your entire life! It’s like no other conference on earth. Join us!


Here are the questions we will answer that will give your life clarity:

Who are you?

What makes you tick, what lies do you believe about yourself, what do you really want to bring into the world after you stop people pleasing? When we know who we really are, our personal story comes alive.

What do you want?

As we consider this question we’ll hack away at all the clutter in our lives. You’ll leave Storyline having chosen a single ambition for each role you play. Stories get boring when the lead character has no direction. You’ll have direction soon.

How can you redeem your suffering?

A victim mentality will kill any great story and at Storyline we’ll redeem any suffering you’ve experienced, mistakes you’ve made and forgiveness you need to offer others. Don’t bring that pain with you into 2014. It’s time to move on.

How good are your relationships?

In five years, you’ll become like the people you’re closest too. So have you evaluated those relationships? What’s your marriage plan, your parenting plan, what friends do you need to get closer to and what “friends” do you need to let go of? We will do a very serious inventory of your relationships and you’ll leave feeling more free and sane.



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  1. “We’ll redeem any suffering you’ve experienced, mistakes you’ve made…” Really? I thought only Jesus could do that. The real purpose of Storyline, of course, is to make Donald Miller large piles of money…

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