Storyline is changing my life–

–and we haven’t even attended their conference yet.

I downloaded material the Storyline website says we don’t have to do ahead of time but I am doing it now for practice (I am so anal), filling out a Productivity Schedule every day and trying to follow it, starting in the morning when my brain is “full.” (They include little diagrams showing how the energy leaks out as the day progresses.)

We are allowed three projects and up to 7 appointments a day. We don’t have many appointments, we’re retired. On Saturday I had to record the annual Chocolate Festival in Belmont Shore as one of them.

After working on each project for whatever time we have assigned ourselves we are supposed to rest and have a reward. There’s also a separate list of “Things I get to enjoy today.” I always put “spending time with Jerry” at the top of that list. And a list of things “To Do” which I use to remind myself of projects for the future. There’s a space for “If I could live today over again, I’d_________________” which we are to fill in before we start each day, only I can’t fill that in until I have done it wrong.

We are supposed to write out our Life Theme at the bottom of the page. Am I supposed to come up with a new one every day? I am not sure why one’s Life Theme would change from day to day–but mine has, as I try to find my groove. I’ve tried, “Be a blessing,” Finish well,” “Do what needs doing,” “Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might,” “Live life to its fullest.” I’ve finally settled on my mother’s life verse, Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

As always Jerry brought me to an awed halt when I asked him what his “life theme” is. He said, “To serve you.”

I think I may change mine to, “Let him.”

At first my projects were whole elephants and I found I wasn’t even finishing the first one, so the continuation of Project 1 became Projects 2 and 3 and then the next day’s projects. Then I got sly and started to have a project just be one bite of the elephant: “Start reading Bird by Bird” instead of “Read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird,” “Choose posts about Mum for book about her,” rather than “Choose, tag, place in order, copy, paste and convert all posts about Mum into pdf.file.” Even though Jerry is helping me with that.

One day I let myself off even more lightly. Project 1 was “Call and make appt. for annual check-up.” That took about 30 seconds. (Then have bowl of ice cream.) Project 2 was “Buy quart of milk for (sick friend who lives about a mile from us).” Project 3 was “Take salmon out of freezer.”

But I have lined up a whole pod of very satisfying elephants for the rest of the year.


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One Response to Storyline is changing my life–

  1. Suddenly, your life is a lot busier. Is that good?

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