The Dog Who Only Ate Tacos

We started with the book we thought would be easiest. This is a fun one and all the stories are true. Here’s the cover and the contents.

DOG cover
The Only Dog in Japan 4
Phoenix mascots: 6
The Calico Without a Tail 6
The Cats Who Traded Kittens, The Kitten Who Almost Walked the Plank, 8
The Cat Who Rang for Breakfast, The Demoralized Daimyo, Peace-and-Friendship
Jonathan Mushmouth and Goatie-Goat 10,11
Leopons 12
Boots, the Cat Who Got her Head Stuck in a Mayonnaise Jar 13
Dubbo: Esme, Darcy, and Fred 15
Entropy, the Cat Who Demonstrated the Second Law of Thermodynamics 19
Sudoku and Raven-Joni-Tar Baby—and Banshee 21
Cherokee the Hospitable Chow-Chow: “Help yourself to the TV!” 23
Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em
Cherokee, Not as Big as She Thought She Was 25
Keno and the Coyotes 29
Miracle and Fleas 31
Mockingbirds: “They Sing Their Hearts Out for Us!” 34
The Cookie Chronicles 36
Hummy and Hummus: The Story of Twin Hummingbabies 44
The Squirrel Who Probably Exploded 56
The Whole Family Goes Squirrelly 57
Sea Life: Seals and Albatrosses 59
Flying Fish, Whales, Porpoise Pods, Jellies, and Men o’ War/ “Shark!” 61
The Charge of the Bull Seal 62
The 25-Foot Long Peeled Banana 62
What Hath God Wrought: Sea Dragons! 63
The Dog Who Only Ate Tacos 64
The Dopey Dog Who was Half Wolf 66
Dr. Clark’s Swimming Mice 68
Church Mice 70
The Cat in the Ice Box 72
The Cat Who Got Turned On 72
Hepzibah Heatherbloom the Twirp: 73
Twirpy and the Wimpy Burgers/Tipsy Twirpy
The Cat Who Got Skunked 74
Revenge of the Great Dane 75
Incoming: Cujo! 77
Sequel to Hummy and Hummus: Humberto and Humberta 79
“Close Encounters with the Bird Kind” 82
Hummingbird (hic) Haiku 84
“They Made Up For It in Elk” 86
Skunks, Possums and Pandas 91
Which One was the Pit Bull? 93
You Get What You Pray For 95
Memoirs of Cherokee the Chow


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    How do I get to read it? Allean

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