The Reynolds Family, the Nuclear Age–

–and a Brave Wooden Boat.

This is Book #3:

Reynolds, Nuclear, BoatINTRODUCTION

This book is a compilation of personal memories first written as newspaper or magazine articles or posted on my blogs, quotes from Reynolds family books long out of print, particularly All in the Same Boat and Forbidden Voyage, articles by others regarding our family or the Phoenix, letters–even a poem about the Allied occupation of Japan by my brother Tim (possibly the only poem ever written about the occupation)!

I started out to tell a linear story of cause and effect, of how my dad’s assignment by our Atomic Energy Commission in 1951 to study the effects of radiation on Japanese children in Hiroshima–

led to our moving to Japan for three years–

which led to his fulfilling a lifelong dream by building a yacht, Phoenix of Hiroshima, and sailing it around the world from 1954-58–

which led to our being in a pivotal place at a pivotal moment in world history for an historic meeting with the crew of the Golden Rule, just restrained from sailing into the Pacific nuclear test zone as a protest–

which led to our voluntarily taking the baton from them and sailing into the zone ourselves–

which led out our follow-up protest to the USSR when it resumed nuclear testing in 1961–

which led to my dad’s sailing through the 7th Fleet into Haiphong Harbor to take medical supplies to victims of our bombing during the Vietnam War–

which inspired Greenpeace and other protests by boat–

As I wrote about these connections, I realized that to a significant extent, the Phoenix itself is the main character of this story, the thread linking it all together, making uniquely possible and perhaps suggesting a divine destiny for all that followed. . .


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