Whatever Happened to Tim Reynolds?

Halflife annotation“Whatever Happened to Tim Reynolds?” is the title of my Master’s Thesis from Cal State Dominguez (1993). The thesis was 50 pages long but for some reason when I submitted it I didn’t include the considerable amount of documentation I already had prepared in an Appendix.

This past month (when I was so manic and so productive), in addition to the five books we ran off on screamandpullmyhairoutPress, I organized and updated the Appendix, 47 pages worth of added material. Jerry printed out enough copies of the whole thing to bind and send to family members, particularly Tim’s three grown children.

The added material included personal autographs and annotations Tim made in copies of his books for family members. Here are two samples, the one above an annotation explaining his poem about his son Anthony (in Halflife) and the one below, an autograph in a copy of Dawn Chorus: “(wedding at) Cana, Christmas, in Ann Arbor).”

Dawn autograph







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