Want to help make a movie?

Illustra whalesWe own and have given away copies of every documentary Illustra Media has produced. Every one is a class act. Metamorphosis shows the astonishing changes happening inside the chrysalis as a caterpillar becomes a completely different being and tracks the monarch butterflys’ unerring flight from Canada to an obscure grove of trees in the mountains of Mexico.

Flight: The Genius of Birds (a quote from Blake) takes us to Great Britain for the graceful, sweeping dance of 300,000 starlings, follows the arctic tern’s annual migration from pole to pole, reveals the intricately designed skeletal structure that enables hummingbirds and pelicans to soar and maneuver in the air, and the “elaborate network of a million component parts that make a feather an aerodynamic masterpiece.”

Now Illustra Media wants to use state-of-the art technology to film sea life from the air–and we can help provide it for them. (There’s a good possibility they will send us a free copy of the movie they produce with it! That has been our experience.)

Illustra whales 2 http://illustramedia.com/



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