Rodent yoga

Song birds flocked to our new bird feeder, eating from all six entry points at once and emptying it every day–until we switched from songbird seed to wildbird seed. Now they hardly come at all. Jerry says it’s because this mixture doesn’t have any birdnip in it. But it could be because of this guy:
KIMG0006KIMG0009Squirrel yoga–this guy’s determined to reach the bird seed if he has to hang by his feet and tail and eat upside down!

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2 Responses to Rodent yoga

  1. DL says:

    How is Tim?

  2. Hmm. “Rodent yoga”. . .”How is Tim?” Interesting juxtaposition. You must have known he was born in the year of the rat. . . He’s back in his apartment, with a caregiver living close by and attending to all his needs. (Well, not quite all. He isn’t bedbound or anything.) He is doing surprisingly well for which I am everlastingly grateful.

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