UKRAINE: 4 FEBC Volunteers Martyred, Radio Tower Destroyed

FEBC is the Far East Broadcasting Company, a global Christian missions organization that beams the gospel by radio into unreached countries.

Many of you have prayed for the four young men who were recently captured by the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. We are deeply saddened to tell you that they were brutally beaten to death, simply for being Christians. These men volunteered for FEBC with zeal, passionately helping to spread the Gospel throughout Ukraine.

In addition to this horrific tragedy, our broadcast tower in Slavyansk, that for months has been in the middle of the fighting and off air, was shot down and completely destroyed. FEBC is still broadcasting in Western Ukraine, reaching millions, and we are already looking for a new location to resume broadcasting to Eastern Ukraine.

We are doing everything we can to give hope to people in a seemingly hopeless situation, but more than ever, we are desperate for your prayers and for God to move in the lives of the people of Ukraine. Please pray for those who continue to serve and risk their lives every day to see the Gospel go forth. Pray for peace in Russia and Ukraine.

See for video.


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