EUROPEAN SOJOURN: German and Austrian children (Days 5, 9, and 12)

378There was no time to compose art shots or wait for the right lighting or composition. We took most of our pictures through a moving bus window or while waddling after whichever duck we had been assigned to that was carrying the Viking “lollipop” for our group. I didn’t have a serious camera, anyway.

But I did attempt to shoot European children.

That didn’t come out right but you know what I mean.

Here are a few of them.


Day 5: Miltenberg, Germany (Day 5)

This is J. with his mommy T. She let me take pictures.379


Day 9: Regensburg, Germany (Day 9)

626628Twins. I went by the blue shorts and asked, “Both boys?”

Nope. Both girls, the mommy or nanny said proudly. Katarina and some other royal-sounding name. Alexandra, I think. Three months old.








Here’s one of my favorites. Day 12 (Vienna): The Horses with the Golden Ears.

772First of all, I love it that Viennese horses wear colorful ear caps–to muffle sound, I wonder, or identify the company they work for, or just look cute. (Someone told us it’s to keep flies away.) I like it that this family stopped to connect with these horses during the instant in which I had to take the shot. The stances and gestures, the faces–even the hidden one–help tell the story and the hands–the tentatively touching hand, the excited little fist, recapitulated in the tension of the hand with the raised thumb, the hands tucked out of sight at a safe distance, the maternally protective hand–not only fill out the story but lead the eye in an upward arc to the main focus, the meeting of two species: pony-tailed girl meets ponies.


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2 Responses to EUROPEAN SOJOURN: German and Austrian children (Days 5, 9, and 12)

  1. says:

    Very cute!!!

  2. Enoch Stansfield (Nancy too) says:

    I have been following your trip through Europe. I really enjoy the pictures. NIck and I went through Germany much like you are doing and visited many of the same places. It really brings back memories. We also saw the Katz and Maus Castles etc. from the river.

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