EUROPEAN SOJOURN: The forkman (Day 7)


Ursula, our guide in Bamberg, stood us in front of this statue of a frowning, bearded man dressed in a leafy tutu and standing on the heads of fish. She asked if anyone knew who the man was.

“Poseidon,” I said.

“Neptune,” said Jerry. We looked at each other.

“You’re both right,” said our guide. She explained about the Greek and Latin names for the god of the sea and pointed out his golden trident. “When we’re through with this tour you’ll have time to walk around on your own and we’ll all meet back here at 4:00.  If you get lost and you ask anyone in this town where is the statue of the sea god, they won’t know who you’re talking about. The people around here always just call him the ‘forkman.'”


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