EUROPEAN SOJOURN: A tail of two bunnies (Days 8 and 18)

504Nuremberg was the hometown of Albrecht Durer, the 16th century painter of Praying Hands and Young Hare fame. None of his paintings remain in Nuremberg; they are in art galleries all over the world.

But in Tiergärtnertorplatz, the public square, there is a parody of the Young Hare, a huge bronze sculpture by Jurgen Goertze. Our guide said Goertze was disgruntled by the fact that Durer’s perfect watercolor (and bodycolor, whatever that is) of a rabbit rendered all attempts by any other artist to draw a rabbit superfluous and inferior.

Goertze’s work, Der Hase—Hommage à Dürer (The Hare—a Homage to Dürer), 1984, shows Durer’s rabbit crushing Durer–or perhaps all the other artists in Nuremberg. 508

One website describes the subject as a “slaughtered hare.” Another calls this statue “nightmarish” and one of the 14 examples of the “world’s ugliest public art”: “This dazed or possibly dead rabbit seems unaware of the swarm of mice that shares its busted-up crate. Positioned outside of Albert Dürer’s house in Nuremberg, the nightmarish sculpture by Jürgen Goertz is a satiric take on a much more pleasingly proportioned bunny—the one immortalized in Dürer’s watercolor Der Feldhase.” (Another website says it “shows the dire results of tampering with nature.”)


Here is the statue of Durer.511







I think the half-timbered building to the right is the one Durer lived in.510








And here, because we’re being thematic, is a rabbit in Belgrade. It was hopping down a main street, with a benign balding and bearded man following it as a distance. Our guide said he and it are a familiar sight to locals and while we watched, two delighted women sat on a bench and let the man lift the bunny into their laps so they could pat and exclaim over it before the two continued their walk–er, hop–er, walk.





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2 Responses to EUROPEAN SOJOURN: A tail of two bunnies (Days 8 and 18)

  1. tedrey says:

    What a way to start my morning! Thanks.

    In case you’re wondering, Goertz is contemporary . . . with us, not with Durer. He was born within a year of myself. But I haven’t squashed my iconic rabbit yet. (Not complaining, mind you.)

  2. Enoch Stansfield (Nancy too) says:

    I enjoyed this post. I really liked what I could see of the rabbit that was done in water color. I can’t say as much for the second rabbit. At first I couldn’t tell what it was.

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