EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Little bamboo skewers

Europe - little bamboo sword

Meals on the Embla were exquisite, on the Aegir slightly less so. Every breakfast offered, along with the standard cereals, omelets, waffles, assortment of sausages, breads, and cheeses, made-to-order pancakes, French toast and Eggs Benedict. Plus there were two tasty flavors of homemade jam. The chef might have gone a mite heavy on the mushrooms; some evenings almost every appetizer and entree had something to do with mushrooms. But there were always the more traditional steak, chicken, and salmon to fall back on.

I loved the homemade soups served at lunch on the Terrace every day: mushroom soup (of course), broccoli, cauliflower, corn chowder, goulash (which can be a soup or a stew), even cheese and beer soup.

For dinner on the ship, we had a choice of 2 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 5 or so desserts.  But we also, every one of us, had a tiny wee appetizer placed before us while we were deciding what to order.

It might be a tablespoon holding one scallop, a sprig of something green and a squeeze of something white and creamy.  Or it might be sashimi with a tiny eyedropper of soy sauce to squirt on it: 996Or something skewered on a little bamboo sword.  I wondered whether the chef ordered little skewers by the gross or whether the staff ran them through the dishwasher after clearing the dishes away and reused them. During the two-hour dinners, Jerry and I would do sword fights with them, to the amusement of our table-mates.

Desserts might look like this:

1220Or this: 776Or this: 895

You didn’t really have to choose. You could have them all.


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