EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Riprap (Days 4-8)


Riprap, noun: a foundation or sustaining wall of stones or chunks of concrete thrown together without order (as in deep water); also :  a layer of this or similar material on an embankment slope to prevent erosion.

Who knew there was a word for this?


Sorry, Danube, but my favorite river was the Rhine. No billboards, no highrises, no condos no casinos. Just natural beauty. Between picturesque villages are hundreds of miles of waterfront property that no developer has discovered. Please don’t tell them about it!



The Main-Danube Canal is developed to the extent that riprap lines each shore and, beyond the undergrowth, we could sometimes see paths and widely spaced benches but they were added tastefully. We would get a glimpse of someone walking, jogging or cycling along the path–maybe once every 100 miles. They might even return our wave. But it wasn’t intrusive. And, to my delight, the engineers had deliberately added little inlets and islands for the ducks. (Speaking of intrusive, that’s the reflection of my cell camera on the right.)


The water stays calm and the wildlife flourishes.  Just beyond Bamberg we went under a bridge and 7 or 8 startled deer ran behind the embankment. Beyond them, sheep ignored us.




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