EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Dry Serbian humor about a wet subject (Day 18)

1038Rain-swollen rivers did not cause problems for us. Our ark just floated a bit higher than we would have otherwise. But it did cause problems for people living along the shore. When we were docked in Belgrade (at the confluence of the Sava River and the Danube) we saw posters asking for donations to help those affected. Our tour guide, Nevana, is Serbian but she cheerfully shared “flood jokes” which she said were circulating among her people.


Serbian child: “Daddy, where do the Sava and Danube Rivers meet?”
Father: “In the living room.”

Serbian child: “Mommy, can I go out and play?”
Mother: “Yes. Just be sure you don’t go too deep.”

Kodak Europe 729



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2 Responses to EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Dry Serbian humor about a wet subject (Day 18)

  1. Heh. Reminds me of the “sick” jokes (also known as “shut up” jokes) of the 1950s. Sample: “Mommy, why can’t I go swimming with the other kids?” “Shut up, Johnny – you know your iron lung won’t float.” Heh.

  2. Enoch Stansfield (Nancy too) says:

    Sounds like those people really need our prayers.

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