EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Genetically modified crops (Day 18)

I’m not sure this applies to all of Eastern Europe but in Serbia we were told that farmers are not allowed to grow GMO crops. One farmer tried it and the government burned down his field. That’s why I don’t have a picture of it.

Wish it were that simple in our country!

(When we got home we heard that besides poisoning the people who eat most American corn and soy products, Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide sprays are wiping out the milkweed that sustains the Monarch butterfly. The Center for Food Safety reports a 90 percent population decline since the 1990s.

“That would be like losing every person in living in the United States except those in Florida and Ohio,” a release by the organization said.* They are joining the Center for Biological Diversity in petitioning to having the Monarch added to the endangered species list.

Jerry and I bought the last milkweed at a local nursery and planted it in our back yard. We aren’t gardeners and we haven’t been able to keep flowers or vegetables alive. But the weed is thriving. And I’m delighted to report that a Monarch was checking out our back yard just this morning and I’m sure will know it’s there when she gets hungry or ready to lay her eggs.)

You can order Metamorphosis, a magnificent DVD on these beauties who may become extinct at



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4 Responses to EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Genetically modified crops (Day 18)

  1. “Wish it were that simple in our country”? No, you don’t. I’m sure you don’t really want a US government powerful enough (and arrogant and lawless enough) to just show up and burn down a farmer’s field because he dared to disobey his federal masters. No, I don’t think you really want that…

  2. Enoch Stansfield (Nancy too) says:

    My friend Jessica Renshaw has asked me to warn all of you that this blog is now controlled by hackers attempting to defraud you. Please unsubscribe to this blog! Jessica’s last scheduled post will run Nov. 5th. Anything on this blog after that date will be fraudulent. Any e-mails, texts or cell phone messages to her go straight to the hackers.

    Please report this internet fraud and identify theft to the blog administrator.

  3. Jessica Renshaw says:

    Thank you, Nancy! Actually my last post will be the Sunday before Thanskgviing. On the counterfeit version of this blog, the hackers are already attaching videos and ads of their own. Jessica

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