GOLDEN RULE to meet PHOENIX in the Sacramento River Delta July 5-6

Dear Friends of the Yacht Phoenix,

So much to tell you! We have had $1,300 contributed to the Raising the Phoenix Fund since setting up the PhoenixofHiroshima.org website, bringing us about ONE-THIRD of the way to raising the boat! Brian Cowden’s video Phoenix of Hiroshima – An Odyssey Interrupted is on that website. We’re hoping the “interruption” will be over soon and the boat will be out of the Sacramento River and on land where she can be restored at more leisure. Right now, as you can imagine, time is of the essence!

The website was designed professionally and I am in a steep learning curve now to manage it, hoping to add neat stuff periodically, posting your comments on the website (or you can write to phoenixofhiroshima@gmail.com) and tracking the rare donations as they come in. I wish I could share the graphs and maps on the website that show each “visit” to the site. On April 30, the day I sent notices about the website to every Japanese person I know, the website spiked at 57 views. We have had visitors not only from the United States and Japan but Canada, Denmark, Colombia, England, Philippines, France, Germany, Hungary, Australia and China. A single viewer in any given country turns that whole country a bright color! It’s really encouraging.

My recently-published books about the Phoenix and about my mother Barbara Reynolds are still available to those who give $100 (b&w copy) or $500 (color copy). For $1,000 you can have both in color! (PayPal is on the website.)

Even if you can’t make a donation, you can still go to betweenthemasts.blogspot.com and read (free!) my first book, Jessica’s Journal, which was my diary–at the age of 11–of the part of our Phoenix circumnavigation between Hawaii and New Zealand, 1955.

Our “mother ship,” the Golden Rule, now recovered, restored, re-launched and ready to sail again for a nuclear-free world, will be heading down the west coast of the United States on June 10. The crew plans to sail up the Sacramento River to the current location of the Phoenix on July 5-6 and WE ALL HOPE THE PHOENIX WILL BE ABOVE THE WATER, NOT BENEATH IT, WHEN GOLDEN RULE GETS THERE! Please help make this happen! For more information, visit http://www.vfpgoldenruleproject.org/

We appreciate your friendship and interest in the Phoenix and her future. Hope to welcome each of you aboard in your home port someday!

Wishing you God’s richest blessings,
Jessica Reynolds Renshaw, first cabin girl of PoH
Ted Reynolds, first navigator of PoH
and the PoH Board of Directors

Speakers are available to talk with your group or the media about the Golden Rule and nuclear issues. …

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