Update on visitors to this blog

We have just been joined by Serbia! Jerry and I were in Serbia in 2014 during a Viking cruise from the North Sea to the Black Sea (almost). You can see we were impressed by the country and its people–I wrote four posts about our 1-2 day visit in my series European Sojourn on this blog!









Surprised by–YOU!

Phoenix found JOY

On my part it was an accident.  On God’s part I think it was intentional.

I was checking the stats on another blog I manage (phoenixofhiroshima.org) and found myself reading the stats for this one.

Unbeknownst to me, this blog has readers!  That’s surprise #1.

Surprise #2: you come from countries ALL OVER THE WORLD!  I want to tell each one of you WELCOME! and GOD LOVES YOU (and so do I)!

You may be as pleased as I am to know you are connected to people, maybe even other Christians, in:

United States   Egypt   United Kingdom   South Korea   Germany   Philippines   Turkey   India   Indonesia   Canada   France   Singapore   Nigeria   Ukraine   Malaysia   Thailand   Netherlands   New Zealand   Vietnam   South Africa   Honduras   Ireland   Saudi Arabia   Italy   Hungary   Switzerland   Australia   Finland   Uganda   Japan   Kuwait   Denmark   Ghana   Austria   Norway   Russia European Union   Jamaica   Sri Lanka   Armenia   United Arab Emirates   Rwanda   Portugal   Bahrain   Namibia   Taiwan   El Salvador   Hong Kong SAR China   Myanmar   Mexico   Chile   Estonia   American Samoa   Kenya   Costa Rica   British Virgin Islands   Bulgaria   Czech Republic   Sweden   Bahamas   Nepal    Brazil   Poland   Fiji   Romania   Israel   Belgium   Tanzania   Liechtenstein   Georgia Northern Mariana Islands   Macau SAR China   Paraguay   Argentina   Spain  Pakistan   Guatemala   Belize   Lebanon   Serbia   –and counting!

No matter what country you are from, I have prayed for you.  Do you know how I know?  Because every day (for years now) I have prayed for the people in one of the countries of the world.  It may be a huge nation like Russia or a tiny island in the Pacific or the Caribbean, but every day I pray for people in some country.

Which means I have prayed for YOU.

If you want me to pray for a specific request or just want to say “hi” you can reach me at hiddeninjesus@gmail.com

Wishing you each God’s very best,




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2 Responses to Update on visitors to this blog

  1. Tracy Brantlinger says:

    That is very impressive & awesome. So sweet of the Lord to lead you there. Very special Jessica.

    Blessings, Tracy

    Sent from my iPhone


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