Welcome, Jersey and Macedonia!

Two new countries joined us today:  Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France) and the Republic of Macedonia, one of the Balkan nations in southeastern Europe (unless it is Macedonia, a region of Greece).

Jerry and I sailed past Jersey (stopping only at Guernsey) while voyaging on a tall ship (2007) to ports in the U.K and France important in the life of C.S Lewis.

The closest we have been to Macedonia was when we took the Viking ship through two bordering countries, Serbia and Bulgaria, in 2014. (https://hiddeninjesus.wordpress.com/2017/11/06/update-on-visitors-to-this-blog/).

Jersey’s two official languages, English and French, are given in my previous post, My Gift for You, where I have pasted John 3:16 from Every Tongue.com.

That same site has John 3:16 in “Macedonian MKJ.” Is this the right one?

Macedonian MKJ:

Bog tolku go vozlyubi svetot, shto Go dade Svoyot Edinoroden Sin, ta sekoy shto veruva vo Nrgo da ne pogine, no da ima Zhivot vejen.

If it’s the Greek Macedonia, John 3:16 would be:



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2 Responses to Welcome, Jersey and Macedonia!

  1. Alan Witton says:

    Do be careful about accepting translations from others. Our local TV programme yesterday had a piece about a multi-lingual sign put up at a noted Dorset beauty spot, Durdle Door. This was the backdrop for a scene in a recent Bollywood film, so thousands of Indians were visiting to see what it looked like in “real life”. What they found was a sign saying “Please don’t leave rubbish on the beach” in several languages including Hindi. Unfortunately the Hindi translator (or perhaps a computer?) had chosen the wrong word for “rubbish”, not as in litter/refuse but as in “Don’t talk rubbish”. So the bemused Indian visitors were confronted with a sign, in their own language, saying “Please don’t talk nonsense on the beach”! Oops! In fact the Hindi word is apparently borderline rude, as it can also refer to a substance emitted from people’s rear ends. Oops again!

    The “official” designation of Macedonia is “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” or FYRO Macedonia for short, to distinguish it from the Greek province of the same name.



  2. Thank you, Alan. Good reminder!

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