“Blown away”

We have an American expression for being utterly amazed: “blown away.”  We also say “flabbergasted.”  Brits use “gob-smacked.”  I am blown away by a recent discovery, a follow-up to the one I wrote about in Surprised by–YOU! (September 23).

In that post I listed all the countries which were represented by people, unknown to me, who have dropped by this blog in 2017.  There were dozens and dozens of them.  On November 16, in A Gift for You, I posted John 3:16 in each of those countries’ official languages.

The other day I was checking for a particular country* and found a way to look at stats for an entire week, month or year–and for all time.  A total of 83,624 people from 172 countries have checked out this blog between 2012 and 2017!  I realize most of these people were just passing through and may never come back but I want to acknowledge these additions below. Next time I will post John 3:16 in your country’s official language:

Albania   Anguilla   Angola   Antigua and Barbados   Aruba   Azerbaijan   Bangladesh   Belarus   Benin   Bermuda   Bhutan   Bolivia   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Botswana   Brunei   Cambodia   Cameroon   Cayman Islands   Colombia   Congo-Kinshasa   Cote d’Ivoire   Croatia   Curacao   Cyprus   Dominica   Dominican Republic   Ecuador   Ethiopia   Faroe lslands   French Guiana   Gibraltar   Greece   Guam   Guernsey   Guyana   Iceland   Iran   Iraq   Isle of Man   Jordan   Kazakhstan   Kyrgyzstan   Laos   Latvia   Lesotho   Liberia   Libya   Lithuania   Luxemborg   Madagascar   Malawi   Marshall Islands   Mauritius   Maldives   Malta   Martinique   Moldova   Mongolia   Montenegro  Morocco   Mozambique   Nicaragua   Palestinian Territories   Papua New Guinea   Panama   Peru   Puerto Rico   Qatar   St. Kitts and Nevis   St. Lucia   St. Martin   St. Vincent and Grenadines   Samoa   Sierra Leona   Sint Maarten   Slovakia    Slovenia   Solomon Islands   Somalia   Suriname   Swaziland   Timor-Leste   Tobago   Trinidad   Turks and Caicos Islands   Togo   Tunisia   Uruguay   US Virgin Islands      Uzbekistan   Vanuatu   Vatican City   Venezuela   Yemen   Zambia   Zimbabwe

I think the one I am most curious about is Vatican City. And the one I don’t remember ever hearing of before and can’t mentally locate is Faroe Islands.

*By the way, that country was Eritrea, one of those most on my heart. So far no one from Eritrea has visited this blog.





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1 Response to “Blown away”

  1. Earlene Eisemann says:

    Hi Jessica, I have a friend who was a missionary in Ethiopia when Heli Solaci(pardon the murder of this man’s name.) was the leader…my friend tried to witness in Eritrea and found that they worshipped the hyenas. He said that he could feel the forces of evil even outside some of their houses. It was not long after that that he and his family had to leave due to persecution. (the leader died) My friend is still living in Carmel, Ca. He is ancient as I am…altho I am older…I am now 91 and in good health..Thank the Lord.. He was in high school the same time as I was…I was a senior and he a junior…he was extremely intelligent and was offered a trip to England to study in a university. Was awarded a “fellows”award from the university. He has some tales to tell about his time in Ethiopia. Thought you would find this interesting.. Earlene Eisemann Merry Christmas…Aren’t you glad that He came?

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