Earth Day: Why are evolutionists environmentalists?

I’ve never understood why evolutionists care about protecting the environment or endangered species.  A commitment to a universe of random and purposeless development from mindless materials and to belief in survival of the fittest leaves no room for compassion for the unfit and no reason to tinker with the inevitable. It’s all progress, right?

If a species of daisy, owl, trout, whale–or if the human species–dies out, so what? Why should evolutionists care? Why do they interfere with nature if it is just running its course, clearing out the deadwood for stronger, worthier beings?

In fact, I don’t understand how firefighters, ER techs, first responders, humanitarians, anyone who fights to protect, prolong, or cherish life and quality of life, can hold an evolutionary worldview, a religion, which amounts to fatalism: overall, by tedious degrees, everything is getting better, and what isn’t strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough to compete–well, good riddance.

Why do they risk their lives and call heroes those who risk their lives for saving someone from a flood or burning building? Death, at least any but their own, should be a matter of indifference to a dedicated evolutionist. Rather than share resources, equalizing those of the have-nots with the haves, why not see the misfortune of others as their opportunity to gain and store up for themselves, make themselves “fitter”?

Why would they invent cures for diseases which maim and kill? Those diseases are doing their job weeding out the unfit. The eugenics that built on Darwin to produce Hitler and Margaret Sanger (eugenics which is surging again through her worshipers in the bloody taking of the lives of the unborn, just-born, elderly, dependent and mentally or physically disabled) makes more sense in light of evolutionary presuppositions: nobody and nothing matters but ME. I have the right to sacrifice, conquer and destroy everything and everyone in my path toward happiness and self-realization.

Thank God most of those who think they believe in natural selection and survival of the fittest in practice have the heart God created in them, a heart to love, nourish, nurture, celebrate life in all its forms–including those who, though broken in mind or body, can teach us both nobility and humility, examples of humanity in its highest form.


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