Power to Heal: Victim of Post-Traumatic Stress

[NOTE: I decided not to include but only hint at the brutal details to show by contrast how completely God healed and removed all vestiges of post-traumatic stress without the need of any counseling or lengthy recovery.]

Pastor Sempangi had another experience of having God heal someone through his merely reading Scripture aloud. By this time his church had seen the salvation of multitudes of witch doctors. They had repented, renounced their idolatry and burned all their gods and fetishes.

“In the last three months of 1972, while the western world dismissed stories of genocide as wild exaggerations… Idi Amin and his soldiers killed over 90,000 Ugandans…

“One Sunday in December, just before the start of our afternoon service, four men hurried into the vestry of the Redeemed Church, carrying a sick woman on a stretcher. Close behind them were the relatives of the woman, weeping and crying out in distress. One of the women in the group of mourners shouted, “Help us! Help us!” in a hysterical and desperate voice. Another woman was carrying a small child not more than two years old. The child was sucking on her thumb and staring vacantly around the room. .. She was the infant daughter of the woman on the stretcher.

“The elders and I were gathered in the vestry for prayer and the men laid the stretcher down in the middle of our circle. The woman was tied to the stretcher by three strap[s and her face was swollen and green. It seemed as if she had already lost a great deal of blood and I could see ugly black bruises covering her neck. Her eyes were fixed in a vacant stare and her body was completely stiff. When I saw that she was paralyzed I knew that she did not belong in our church vestry. She needed immediate medical attention.

“I looked helplessly down at the woman, and one of the men…began telling her story.  She was a woman of Lukuli…and her husband was a wealthy and noble man. Three days earlier, in the middle of the day, Amin’s soldiers came to their home. They had rounded up the family and herded them into one room, and [tortured her husband to death in front of the family, then raped her.]

“The soldiers plundered the house completely and, pleased with the success of their raid, they climbed, laughing and joking, into an army van…In utter despair, the new widow turned her back on her children and with her last physical effort, attempted to strangle herself.

“‘She passed out before she suffocated,’ the man said, finishing his story in the same flat voice with which he had begun it. ‘And now we have brought her to you.’ He looked at me expectantly. I saw in his face and in the faces of those standing around him a firm conviction. These people, I thought, think I can heal their friend They think the gospel is a magic formula, like witchcraft. For a moment my sense of helplessness turned to ange…

“‘Take your friend to a hospital,’ I said. ‘She needs professional help. We are not doctors here, we are preachers of the Word. There is no way I can diagnose her illness.’

“There was complete silence until an elderly woman standing quietly in the background suddenly spoke up. She was angry. She addressed me with an uncompromising voice and gathered herself up stiffly in indignation. ‘Do you think,’ she said, ‘that when people brought their sick friends to Jesus they didn’t know where the hospital was?’

“The woman’s anger intimidated me and I did not know how to respond. I turned for help to [former atheist] Kiwanuka… Since his conversion Kiwanuka had become not only my close friend but a respected counselor and confidant as well. I knew that he would help me…convince the people to leave…

“But when Kiwanuka pulled me aside, his words were for me, not for the others. ‘Kefa,’ he said in his most aggressive manner, ‘we have baptized 150 witch doctors. What business have we destroying the people’s doctors if we don’t know what to do with their sick?'”

To be continued



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