How I came into God’s family: Rey Paz, from garbage collector to church planter, Philippines

Rey and Alma Paz.jpg
Our son Anthony was about six years old and our daughter Christine was just four years old that year 1986. During that year my job was garbage collector at Metro Manila Commission in Quezon City and my area of collecting garbage was around Araneta Center, Streets in Cubao area, New Manila Subdivision, Balete Drive up to Araneta Ave. Quezon City. No rain can stop collecting the garbage so that when residents woke up it’s clean in front of their houses and streets are good to see, and that’s why my schedule with two other men was 10:00 P. M. to 6:00 A. M.
There are so many unforgettable experiences still in my head, some are bad and some are good, one thing I always imagine up to now is while walking on the street looking for garbage in front of those big, nice, beautiful houses talking to God telling Him “I love to have something like this, oh God”. That scene still here in my heart and mind, even the so dark night and light on the post with my dirty hands. I feel tired and sleepy everyday but I need to feed my wife and children.  Those are my thoughts every night.
Every day when I got home around seven to eight in the morning, instead of rest and going to bed, I open my sari sari store (junk food and juices) in front of our house in Calumpang Marikina to have some more income. It’s already noon, time for me to get some sleep and to get ready again before ten in the evening. That’s the routine every day.
Then one day, June 12, 1986 while in my sari sari store reading my Bible (I’m still a strong Catholic during that time and active member of OLA – our Lady of Abandon) an American man named Clayton Hulett passed on the street, got my attention and I greet him with these words, “Hi Joe” and history follows.
Clayton Hulett is an American Missionary who shared Christ to me as my Lord and Savior and discipled me for twenty years and help me to finish Bible school. I received Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior with Clayton Hulett September 16, 1986.
Clay helped me as my mentor and discipler while I was leading Marikina Grace Brethren Church for sixteen years, until I became Church Planter here in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Write to him at .

Dear Friends,

Everyone has a story–especially everyone who has come to know Jesus Christ personally. I would like to post a series of personal testimonies from around the world to show that Jesus is not exclusive to Westerners or Americans or people of a certain race or socioeconomic situation, that His family is international!

If you want to share how you or someone you know found Jesus Christ in an interesting way, send me anything from one sentence to one page. Include a photo if you can. I may not be able to use all of them and I may edit some down, but I will try to include representative stories from different nations and cultures. I may also cull some from missionary magazines. Send to Jessica at


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