How I came into God’s family: Bilquis Sheikh, Muslim woman, continued

“O Father, my Father…Father God.”

Hesitantly I spoke His name aloud….And then, as if something broke through for me I found myself trusting that He was indeed hearing me, just as my earthly father had always done…

Suddenly that room wasn’t empty any more.  He was there!  I could sense His Presence.  I could feel His hand laid gently on my head.  It was as if I could see His eyes, filled with love and compassion.  He was so close that I found myself laying my head on His knees like a little girl sitting at her father’s feet.  For a long time I knelt there, sobbing quietly, floating in His love.  I found myself talking with Him, apologizing for not having known Him before.  And again came His loving compassion, like a warm blanket settling around me… the same Presence I had sensed often as I read the Bible.

“I am confused, Father,” I said.  “I have to get one thing straight right away.”  I reached over to the bedside table where I kept the Bible and the Quran side by side.  I picked up both books and lifted them, one in each hand.  “Which, Father?” I said.  “Which one is Your book?”

Then a remarkable thing happened.  Nothing like it had ever occurred in my life in quite this way.   For I heard a voice inside my being, a voice that spoke to me as clearly as if I were repeating words in my inner mind.  They were fresh, full of kindness, yet at the same time full of authority.

In which book do you meet Me as your Father?

I found myself answering, “In the Bible.”  That’s all it took.  Now there was no question in my mind which one was His book…I knew now that my Father would speak through it…

From Bilquis Sheikh, I Dared to Call Him Father


Dear Friends,

Everyone has a story–especially everyone who has come to know Jesus Christ personally. I am posting a series of personal testimonies from around the world to show that Jesus is not exclusive to Westerners or Americans or people of a certain race or socioeconomic situation, that His family is international!

If you want to share how you or someone you know found Jesus Christ in an interesting way, send me anything from one sentence to one page. Include a photo if you can. I may not be able to use all of them and I may edit some down, but I will try to include representative stories from different nations and cultures. I may also cull some from missionary magazines. Send to Jessica at


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