How I came into God’s family: Filu, witch doctor, Philippines

Filu is a Filipino man of the Blaan tribe of Southern Mindanao.  He made a commitment to Christ soon after my co-worker Sally and I moved into the village where he and his family lived.  He headed up the crew who cleared the land for our airstrip, and was one of my two main translation assistants through all of our years in working on the New Testament.

I later learned that both he and his wife had been shamans (witch doctors), and what amazed me about that was the fact that they were among the first in their village to become very strong believers in Christ.  Years later, he told us that when his grandfather was on his deathbed, he had called young Filu to his side, and this is what he had promised him:

“One day,  there will be white people (how they refer to English-speaking people) who will come to our village to bring God’s Book to us in the Blaan language.  You won’t have to go to another village because they will be in our place.  When they come, receive their message because it’s true.”

Filu continued to help with the New Testament translation until its completion, and as we finished reading the last verse of the book of Revelation, he suddenly broke out into a Blaan-style chant, praising God for giving His Word to them in their own language!

(By Kathy Rowell Zorn, California, USA.  Former Wycliffe Bible Translator)

Dear Friends,

Everyone has a story–especially everyone who has come to know Jesus Christ personally. I am posting a series of personal testimonies from around the world to show that Jesus is not exclusive to Westerners or Americans or people of a certain race or socioeconomic situation, that His family is international!

If you want to share how you or someone you know found Jesus Christ in an interesting way, send me anything from one sentence to one page. Include a photo if you can. I may not be able to use all of them and I may edit some down, but I will try to include representative stories from different nations and cultures. I may also cull some from missionary magazines. Send to Jessica at


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