Just a reminder: “BRACE YOURSELF!” Prophetic dreams about September and November (Pastor Dana Coverstone)

Since posting this video on July 6 it has been getting up to 100 views a day–for a total of 1,846 views, by FAR the most views for anything I have posted. As Pastor Coverstone says, his visions of March and June came true–and now his visions of September are becoming a frightening reality: COVID resurgences, anti-police rioting in our cities–with Portland under siege for 100 days and counting, unprecedented wildfires–1,214 of them now in 12 states (one of them burning 48,000 acres its first day) blanketing the west coast up into Canada and out across the Pacific Ocean with hazardous smoke. Apparently these visions really were from God–not to scare us but to prepare us. There’s more to come. I’ve been feeling “crushed, squeezed and pressed down.” Have you? I hope we get to take a collective breath in October but let’s BRACE OURSELVES for November, the month the controversial election is scheduled which will determine America’s destiny!

Everything happened according to his dream…

Last December, Living Word Ministries pastor Dana Coverstone of Burkesville, KY had a vivid and sobering dream involving the months March and June, 2020. When those months came, everything he had seen in his dream came to pass: protests, masks, long lines into hospitals, doctors with syringes, people on ventilators, newspaper headlines, ambulances, fires, courthouses being surround by angry people, some with shotguns. He heard the words, “BRACE YOURSELF!  BRACE YOURSELF!  BRACE YOURSELF!”

On June 22, Coverstone had two similar–but even more intense–dreams. He got the same words, “BRACE YOURSELF!” with the words, “PART 2.” This time the events he watched involved this coming September and November. Here is an abbreviated summary:

November was especially intense. This time, after a finger underlined the word ‘November,’ I saw a fist ball up and HIT the calendar and it exploded into the wall. The numbers went 3-D and were flying everywhere.  There was a cloud of chaos: armed protestors, people fighting and pummeling each other in the streets. Businesses and schools closed–there were cobwebs in schools as if they had been closed a long time. Bank buildings with roofs being taken off–money was flying through the roof as if being vacuumed out, the wealth was being taken. I saw politicians in back rooms making deals and laughing… I saw Washington DC burning, blazing, cities on fire.

“I saw Chinese and Russian troops in cities, the blue helmets of the United Nations, military things going on: ‘Round up these people! Pick up these people! Secure this quadrant, secure that area!’ There was no sign of President Trump or of leadership in D.C.  People were hiding in homes and garages; churches and homes were being burned. I saw absolute chaos. It was civil war.

“I’ve been hearing those words ‘BRACE YOURSELF!’ for seven months [now 10 months] but that fist punch on ‘NOVEMBER, 2020’ got my attention. Incredible, terrible, awful, messy, bad things will happen in this nation, not just for unbelievers but for God’s people as well. I say this not to scare people but to warn people

“It will destroy some people’s faith. Satan’s aim is to kill this nation. There’s an olive press moment coming for the church. Christians are going to get crushed and squeezed and pressed down. Endure to the end, however hard it gets.”

(For second dream–about effect on banks and currency–watch video.)

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