. . . At least 6 years and two sons later, Troy Marquard was between jobs and Merry was 8 months pregnant with their third child when they ran out of other housing options and moved in with us. When Shannon was born, they brought her home from the hospital to our house and were with us for 5 more weeks. Their sons would wake early and slip downstairs to let their parents sleep. I loved to join Josh and Sammy, tell them stories and play games with them. I’m crying now remembering that eventually we had to have them leave…

Marquards before Shannon

Troy would have been 52 tomorrow. He moved to Heaven yesterday after a 41-day bout with COVID-19 and double pneumonia. Troy had a heart for a ministry in Christian camping but God never opened that door (tent?). For the past few years they have lived in Evanston, WY where Troy worked with heavy equipment at a coal mine.

Shannon’s first birthday–with Grandma Kitty

In July, COVID ran through the family, hitting both parents the hardest. When Merry got sick, she had to be airlifted to a hospital in Ogden, Utah. Troy was sent home from their local hospital–because they had no beds left–with antibiotics and oxygen. Neighbors deluged them with food, Troy tried to recover on his own and the kids pretty much fended for themselves. Finally he had to go to ER again. This time the same hospital his wife was in offered him a bed in the same ICU she was in. A pastor friend drove him the 90 miles to Ogden, UT while their own pastor and his wife took in Josh, Sammy and Shannon with their own 4 children.

For awhile Troy and Merry were both intubated, on ventilators, sedated, unaware of the fact that they were in adjoining rooms.

By a miracle, Merry was finally able to get off the ventilator after 10 days. For a day or two they were in the same room. She recovered rapidly, transferred to rehab in the same hospital and was able to visit Troy (still sedated and intubated). Their pastor drove their children the 90 miles to see her. When Troy worsened she prepared the children for the possibility the Lord might take him Home. When He did, she organized a small family gathering in the hospital to celebrate Troy’s life. They would have celebrated Troy’s birthday this Sunday.

No description available.
Mary anointing the feet of Jesus by Merry Marquard

Pray for Merry, a homemaker and home schooling mom whose only potentially marketable skill is drawing and painting, although she never charged for her art, simply blessing adult friends and children with hand sketched greeting cards or paintings. She recently did a mural (above) for their church, Revive Nazarene.

Pray for their children Josh, Sammy and Shannon, who all know Jesus. Donations to Troy and Merry’s medical expenses and future family needs–since they have lost their only breadwinner–may be made using the Venmo code below and would be a Godsend!

May be an image of text that says 'RM Revive Ministries @Revive-Ministries-1 RM venmo Scan this code to pay'

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