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Are you ready to have your life dislocated? (For non-Christians)

It will be a day just like today. In fact, it just might be today. You’ll be going through your regular routines when a trumpet blast, a shout of command from a voice you have never heard, will interrupt whatever … Continue reading

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Sweet picture

This sweet face and little imploring hands touch me deeply on several levels, not the least of which is the fact that the mask is decorated with cute little bunny rabbits in an attempt to give a playful touch to … Continue reading

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Fukushima radiation still leaking into Pacific 3 years later

Off our bedroom a balcony. Off our balcony a tree. In the tree a nest. In the nest a hummingbird. When the radiation comes we can go inside and seal the windows– but what about her? –Jessica Reynolds Renshaw I … Continue reading

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Having fun with your foibles

We have friends I’ll call Dave and Ellie. One day early in their marriage Dave came home from work to find his wife in the doorway with evidence of a failed attempt at dinner in the background. Ellie held up … Continue reading

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TIM: Letting him fall

As if Tim’s command to stay away was not enough, Tim was complaining about me to our family and friends and to his neighbors and they were indignantly telling me to leave him alone! One relative e-mailed me, “you stated … Continue reading

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Tim: Making oatmeal by nuclear fusion

This is what happens when you forget to add the liquid to a packet of oats and microwave it in a ceramic bowl for two minutes. For one thing, it breaks the bowl. For another, it fills the entire house … Continue reading

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