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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: “A Taste of Balkan” (Day 18)

Between preparing, serving, clearing away and washing up after all our breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and multiple-course 2-hour dinners, the kitchen staff managed to roast and slice all kinds of meats, chop and mince ingredients for all kinds of salads, saute … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Little bamboo skewers

Meals on the Embla were exquisite, on the Aegir slightly less so. Every breakfast offered, along with the standard cereals, omelets, waffles, assortment of sausages, breads, and cheeses, made-to-order pancakes, French toast and Eggs Benedict. Plus there were two tasty … Continue reading

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The two of us: Jerry (3rd of 3)

One New Year’s Day I woke up and announced to Jerry, “My resolution this year is to be an ‘all-full’ kind of person like you!” “An awful kind of person?” he asked. His humor is deliberate mis-hearing. I tell him … Continue reading

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Chick-Fil-A Feeds Stranded Motorists Free in Snowstorm

As we can all recall, Chick-Fil-A was the center of controversy as they were accused of “forcing their religious views” on others when president Dan Cathy made his political leanings known regarding gay marriage.  You’ll never guess what the once demonized business is now forcing on … Continue reading

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Chocolate chip scones, cucumber sandwiches–and an 1896 Steinway

Jerry and I dressed up and went to Elise’s Tea Room this afternoon for lavender Earl Grey and vanilla almond tea, scones, and finger sandwiches. The pastry chef came out to present our dessert options and since it was surprisingly … Continue reading

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Having fun with your foibles

We have friends I’ll call Dave and Ellie. One day early in their marriage Dave came home from work to find his wife in the doorway with evidence of a failed attempt at dinner in the background. Ellie held up … Continue reading

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His care

I often thank God for taking such good care of us. Besides everything else, this terrarium we live in and everything in it which we take for granted, he gave us extras yesterday. I went downstairs to make lunch, which … Continue reading

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