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EUROPEAN SOJOURN 49: Dry Serbian humor about a wet subject (Day 18)

Rain-swollen rivers did not cause problems for us on the Viking longship. Our ark just floated a bit higher than we would have otherwise. But it did cause problems for people living along the shore. When we were docked in … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN 46: Serbian (Yugoslavian) inflation (Day 18)

(Continued from April  26) Nevana described the runaway inflation under Tito while Serbia was part of Yugoslavia. “My mother would bring home her pay every day and all of us would have to rush out and buy things with it, … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN 35: Stumbling stones and empty shoes (Day 14)

Stumbling stones: In many German towns, we saw these brass plaques set among the cobblestones. These commemorate individual victims of the Nazis who used to live nearby. One tour guide told us the plaques are embedded in the pavement so … Continue reading

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Are you ready to have your life dislocated? (For non-Christians)

It will be a day just like today. In fact, it just might be today. You’ll be going through your regular routines when a trumpet blast, a shout of command from a voice you have never heard, will interrupt whatever … Continue reading

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Speaking of body searches: Validation of Amelia Earhart’s crash in Marshall Islands, capture–and death on Saipan

Ever wonder what happened to American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean? In 1937, on a round-the-world flight Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan left Lae, New Guinea, bound for Howland … Continue reading

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North Korea is one huge concentration camp! (Book review)

One of Amazon’s most read and most sold books: Customer Review      I just finished reading the best-selling autobiography of a Japanese/Korean man escaping from North Korea. (There is no other way to leave the country!) It took him 36 … Continue reading

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Trump Declares Today a Day Of Prayer: ‘God Is Our Refuge And Strength’

In the tradition of our greatest presidents, President Trump declared today a Day of Prayer for Houston. As the God of grace and mercy is uniting and healing the people of Houston, may He also unite and heal our nation.

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