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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Johnny Reb’s (Day 23)

  Before we left Long Beach, we were telling the manager of our favorite BBQ place about our upcoming trip. He was enthusiastic, making us promise to bring back pictures. “If we can have one of your sacks with your … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Bulgarian double wedding (Day 20)

Vidin, Bulgaria. Jerry and I were sick; our colds had gone into bronchitis, with bone-shaking coughs, especially Jerry’s, which kept waking him up at night. In Belgrade, I had suggested we not go on the bus tour but he would … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Children with bubbles, Miltenberg (Day 5)

Following a Viking lollipop through the town square of Miltenberg, we walked through the middle of this fascinating story, with no explanation as to who the Pied Piper in plaid patches is or how he makes bubbles with sticks.  

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: German and Austrian children (Days 5, 9, and 12)

There was no time to compose art shots or wait for the right lighting or composition. We took most of our pictures through a moving bus window or while waddling after whichever duck we had been assigned to that was … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Don’t step on my blue denim tennies

Although Jerry is a genius at packing, actually making things fit into suitcases, we didn’t follow our Viking packing tips very well. They said we should bring sun hats or visors, but when I didn’t want one, Jerry didn’t take … Continue reading

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Horrors! I just found out I’ve married a man who admits he has never read Alice in Wonderland (or its sequel)! He said he’s watched the Disney (desecration), as if that counted. He found a copy in our bookcase and … Continue reading

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The two of us: Jerry (3rd of 3)

One New Year’s Day I woke up and announced to Jerry, “My resolution this year is to be an ‘all-full’ kind of person like you!” “An awful kind of person?” he asked. His humor is deliberate mis-hearing. I tell him … Continue reading

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