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He saved my life

On our chilly walk today we passed Dave, a neighbor wearing a T-shirt, work pants and a woolly cap, finishing up a brick flower bed. Jerry called to him, “You look like you’re having fun!” Dave turned around and said … Continue reading

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A Gift for the Rest of You: More translations of John 3:16

FOR THE ENTIRE BIBLE IN 1500 LANGUAGES, GO TO In my most recent post I listed countries represented by visitors to this blog from its beginning in 2012 until 2017 (in addition to the countries listed so far). Here … Continue reading

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World Watch List of Persecuting Nations

As of Dec. 13, 2017 NOTE: The World Watch List is the most comprehensive, authoritative report of the top 50 countries where Christian persecution is most severe. (#1 is the most oppressive. North Korea has ranked #1 for the past … Continue reading

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More Than Dreams

These are true stories of Muslims–in Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, Iran–who found Jesus through dreams and visions. has these stories in many languages. I love these stories of finding God. I was born into a secular American family and found Jesus … Continue reading

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Welcome, sons and daughters of Abraham! (Part 3)

That Lamb is Jesus. Jesus is mentioned in the Qur’an–in over ninety verses in fifteen surahs.  He is called ‘Isa (يسوع).  The most common reference to Jesus occurs in the form of “Ibn Maryam” (son of Mary), sometimes preceded with … Continue reading

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Welcome, sons and daughters of Abraham! (Part 2)

God honored Abram’s faith so much the Bible says He “credited it to Abraham’s account as righteousness.”  Genesis chapter 15, verse 6, New International Version (NIV) What (Who) was it Abram believed? He believed God.  He believed God when He … Continue reading

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Welcome, Jersey and Macedonia!

Two new countries joined us today:  Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France) and the Republic of Macedonia, one of the Balkan nations in southeastern Europe (unless it is Macedonia, a region of Greece). Jerry and … Continue reading

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