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GOD IN MUSIC: Lecrae, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton

What do Lecrae, Kirk Franklin, and Israel Houghton all have in common? Yes, they’ve all won multiple awards, sold millions of albums, and have garnered a large fan base, but none of these are the answer. Okay, okay, the answer … Continue reading

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Peter: Constantly Bewildered

One of my favorite movies is The Blind Side, about a high school kid from the ghetto adopted into a white family committed to everything Old Miss.  Without consulting him, they sign Michael (“Big Mike”) up for football, grooming him … Continue reading

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Daniel: Keeping Cool in the Moment…

In exile from Judah, Daniel has become so useful to King Darius that the king wants to appoint him head over his whole kingdom. This makes the other leaders jealous.

They look for “a ground of accusation” to get the king to punish Daniel by “casting him into the lions’ den” and find it in Daniel’s regular habit of praying openly to his God three times a day. Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Bulgarian double wedding (Day 20)

Vidin, Bulgaria. Jerry and I were sick; our colds had gone into bronchitis, with bone-shaking coughs, especially Jerry’s, which kept waking him up at night. In Belgrade, I had suggested we not go on the bus tour but he would … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Dry Serbian humor about a wet subject (Day 18)

Rain-swollen rivers did not cause problems for us. Our ark just floated a bit higher than we would have otherwise. But it did cause problems for people living along the shore. When we were docked in Belgrade (at the confluence … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Hoof-position matters (Day 14)

According to Wikpedia’s article, Equestrian Statues: Hoof-position Symbolism: “In the United States and the United Kingdom, an urban legend states that if the horse is rearing (both front legs in the air), the rider died in battle; one front leg … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: A tail of two bunnies (Days 8 and 18)

Nuremberg was the hometown of Albrecht Durer, the 16th century painter of Praying Hands and Young Hare fame. None of his paintings remain in Nuremberg; they are in art galleries all over the world. But in Tiergärtnertorplatz, the public square, … Continue reading

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