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Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

by John Darrow Recently I took a hike with some friends up into the Cascade foothills (western Washington State) on a Saturday afternoon, to a place called “Summit Lake.” The weather forecast was iffy, but it turned out to be … Continue reading

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Subscribers, in case you missed it…

If this unidentified* bird, dancing to Michael Jackson’s Stayin’ Alive (second of four videos demonstrating God’s sense of humor), did not show up in your inbox yesterday, here is a reprise:     *I tried Googling “tall skinny white and … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design: God’s delight in the ridiculous (birds)

  Above: Vogelkop Superb Bird of Paradise (found only on the island of New Guinea) performs a mating ritual–if that’s what it is. If you want to scare a prospective date to death, this is the way to do it. … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design: Flowerhorn fish

His species may be “flowerhorn cichlid” but apparently this particular heart-faced fellow is one of a kind! Our friend Rey Paz found him on Nature’s Slideshow about a month ago.

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Intelligent Design: Leafy Sea Dragons

Jerry and I were wending our way through the South Pacific section of the Aquarium of the Pacific. Tanks lined the wall and cylindrical tanks dotted the center of the long, curved hallway. We’d seen marvelous things: a puffin that … Continue reading

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PHOTO: Comet Lovejoy over Great Wall of China

Comet Lovejoy over Great Wall by Zhang Jiajie, used by permission This says to me, “Jesus is the way…”

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BALI, 60 years ago: Worth all the trouble to get there

(From All in the Same Boat by Earle and Barbara Reynolds, continued) Our entrance into Bali was one of the most trying and difficult that we had yet experienced [in a year and a half of deep-sea sailing]. The currents … Continue reading

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