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Power to Heal: 12-year old Okelo of Uganda

In our pain, God gives us power.  Power to endure, power to overcome, power to rejoice in injustice, power to forgive, power to heal–the power which reversed the laws of nature, bringing Jesus Christ back from the dead. The two … Continue reading

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The Color of Friendship (corrected)

NOTE: I am re-posting this to correct facts in paragraph 16 (the Andersons moving to Yellow Springs), and to include links to Dr. Anderson’s biography Playing on All the Keys (by Joan Horn) and his obituary in the Washington Post.  … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Dry Serbian humor about a wet subject (Day 18)

Rain-swollen rivers did not cause problems for us. Our ark just floated a bit higher than we would have otherwise. But it did cause problems for people living along the shore. When we were docked in Belgrade (at the confluence … Continue reading

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“Immediate humanitarian crisis”–but not ours

Say you’re the head of the Department of Offense in Iran and you let everyone in the world know you’re developing nuclear weapons so you can destroy Israel.  Suppose Israel doesn’t appreciate the idea and bombs your labs and munitions … Continue reading

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My first elephant

“Even if only the people in your writing group read your memoirs or stories or novel, even if you only wrote your story so that one day your children would know what life was like when you were a child … Continue reading

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Last night we had a big wind and this morning palm branches were strewn in our path. Cloudless sky, cool breeze, sunshine. Beautiful day. We greeted some neighbors with “Good morning!,” others with “Shabbat shalom!,” Latinos laying sprinkler pipe and … Continue reading

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News from the new North Pole

I’m sorry we haven’t been keeping up with the weather in other parts of the country. My brother Ted in Michigan has reported temperatures down to -11 at night with a wind chill of -31. One day when we talked … Continue reading

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