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LINKS ADDED (this page, lower right): I have finally fixed the link to my former blog His Scribe and at a friend’s suggestion added links to all my published books. Here’s the list chronologically: Jessica’s Journal, my first book, is … Continue reading

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BALI: Date with Terror, 1956

A True Story by Jessica Reynolds (Renshaw) Stars glinted over Bali like light off the polished horns of a water buffalo. Under the August night, our pony cart bounced us nonchalantly out of the city toward a date with dry … Continue reading

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BALI, coming-of-age ceremony 60 years ago

(All in the Same Boat, continued) This event, which took place in two days, turned out to be the coming-of-age ceremony for a young cousin, and Rai invited our whole family to attend. At the appointed time he took us … Continue reading

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SHORT STORY: The Swordfish

I remember them distinctly. A party of five: four barbecued swordfish and a scampi. A middle-aged couple, the man immaculately tailored, graying hair, conservatively cut. The woman, undoubtedly his wife, attractive in a worn, overstuffed way. She might have been … Continue reading

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SHORT STORY: When I Named the Kangaroo

“The woman took of its fruit and ate and tried to give some to her husband also but he would not eat. . .” “Adam?”  The soft voice came again, a little less confidently. Before his eyes the purple fruit … Continue reading

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The Color of Friendship (corrected)

NOTE: I am re-posting this to correct facts in paragraph 16 (the Andersons moving to Yellow Springs), and to include links to Dr. Anderson’s biography Playing on All the Keys (by Joan Horn) and his obituary in the Washington Post.  … Continue reading

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Sin is…

“Sin” in Greek (hamartia) is an archery term.  It means “missing the mark.”  It doesn’t primarily mean you’re bad or guilty, just that your effort fell short. In that sense, you failed. “Sin” in the Bible refers to the fact … Continue reading

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