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The Color of Friendship (corrected)

NOTE: I am re-posting this to correct facts in paragraph 16 (the Andersons moving to Yellow Springs), and to include links to Dr. Anderson’s biography Playing on All the Keys (by Joan Horn) and his obituary in the Washington Post.  … Continue reading

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Sin is…

“Sin” in Greek (hamartia) is an archery term.  It means “missing the mark.”  It doesn’t primarily mean you’re bad or guilty, just that your effort fell short. In that sense, you failed. “Sin” in the Bible refers to the fact … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN SOJOURN: Dry Serbian humor about a wet subject (Day 18)

Rain-swollen rivers did not cause problems for us. Our ark just floated a bit higher than we would have otherwise. But it did cause problems for people living along the shore. When we were docked in Belgrade (at the confluence … Continue reading

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Chick-Fil-A Feeds Stranded Motorists Free in Snowstorm

As we can all recall, Chick-Fil-A was the center of controversy as they were accused of “forcing their religious views” on others when president Dan Cathy made his political leanings known regarding gay marriage.  You’ll never guess what the once demonized business is now forcing on … Continue reading

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Last night we had a big wind and this morning palm branches were strewn in our path. Cloudless sky, cool breeze, sunshine. Beautiful day. We greeted some neighbors with “Good morning!,” others with “Shabbat shalom!,” Latinos laying sprinkler pipe and … Continue reading

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Behind every facade

On our walk this morning Jerry and I found that a house we’d watched be torn down and rebuilt from the pillars up was for sale and having an open house. We detoured through its spacious downstairs, admiring the wood … Continue reading

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Well-meaning people

I’m pretty sure well-meaning people who do not submit themselves to the leading, timing, and restraint of the Holy Spirit cause more damage in this world than people who intend evil. God, deliver me from being one of them!

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